ELMAGON Colour resonance as a therapy

Color therapy is based on the property that any physical structure will oscillate, when reached by vibrations of a certain speed.
The oscillation can become so powerful, that the structure can be damaged. This has been seen in parts of aeroplanes and in this case it is called metal fatigue. Also a crystal bowl can collapse, when the matching tone is sung with enough strength.

Viruses, bacteria and other microbes also can resound in the same way. That's why it is possible to fight them separately with matching vibrations. This therapy knocks out the germs, so that the healing process has a much better chance.

Properties of this color therapy

Two important statements can be made with this knowledge:

  1. Nobody can get an overdose caused by color resonance.
  2. No micro-organism can become resistant against colour resonance.

Color therapy is all about high frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves are manipulated by a color component. This color component has been tuned to the frequency of resonance of one particular microbe.

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